10 Ultimate Blog Ideas for Makeup Artists - Spyne

10 Ultimate Blog Ideas for Makeup Artists - Spyne

For Makeup Artists, one of the biggest struggles is gaining followers and bringing business. That is why it is important to adopt the right marketing techniques to promote your business. One of those marketing techniques is writing blogs.


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Let’s be honest here. Not all makeup artists are good at writing or writing good blogs. And even if you do, the biggest hurdles is to figure out what to blog about. Now, you certainly cannot talk about how your day went because it’s not just unprofessional but also because nobody will be interested in it.

So, what should you write about to engage your audience and actually generate more business from your blogs? Well, to answer this question of yours and many such makeup artists, we have gathered a list of things that would make it easy for you to make the right decision and come up with blog topics that are relevant. 

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10 Blog ideas for Makeup Artists


1. Easy makeup tutorials -

The easiest way to start blogging as a makeup artist is by writing crisp and easy makeup tutorials. If you already have a YouTube channel of makeup tutorials, you can just write about the same and add videos to your blog.

This will not only bring traffic to your blogs but it will also help in promoting your YouTube channel. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, don’t worry. Starting a blog will authenticate your business.


2. Testimonials of existing clients -

A person puts trust in your business when four other people are doing the same. That’s the power are reviews and testimonials. The testimonials of existing clients will help you in attracting potential customers.

So, in your blogs, you can write the testimonials of your existing clients. Write about the things they have to say about your business. You can start out with the service you provided to them and then you can add their reviews.

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3. Write about makeup hacks - 


makeup hacks, blog ideas for makeup artists


Since you have been doing makeup for so long, you must have some knowledge or expertise. Why not share it with your readers. It’s better if you have some beauty hacks because people love to know about things that are not available on like every other site.


4. Review products


review products, blog ideas for makeup artist


The best way to build authenticity in your blogs is by reviewing the products that you use. It’s better that you don’t show any bias so that readers can actually put faith in you in order to make the right decision.  Apart from the cosmetic products you use, you can also review other brands on your blogs.


5. Review Celebrity Makeups

If you don’t feel like reviewing products then you can just review the makeup of artists and celebrities. It doesn’t have to be about good or bad. You can just talk about their makeup in general and give your opinion on it.


6. Interviews with professional makeup artists

Put your communication skills to good use and try to get in touch with other professional make-up artists. Interview them, talk about their struggles, their secrets to success, and their makeup hacks. Who knows? Maybe you’ll gain a massive readership overnight. 


7.Publish your projects


publish your projects, blog ideas for makeup artists


If you don’t feel like writing a lot, which is actually the case with most of the creative professionals that we know, you can just publish your existing projects. Post pictures of the client from a project and write a little bit of detail. Do this after every project and you will have a good number of blogs.


8. Makeup tips for different skin types

Being in the industry must have taught you that different skin types demand different makeup approach. So, you can talk about that in your blogs and make people aware of what kind of makeup they should be using for their skin type.

People genuinely want to know about stuff like this. So, put your expertise to use and write about something that people should actually know about.


9. Makeup tips for different ages

Apart from different skin types, different ages also demand different makeup. So, talk about makeup tips for different ages in your blogs. Talk about how a young person should do makeup and how an elderly should do it. And doing so may actually help someone.


10. DIY makeup and beauty tips


DIY makeup, blog ideas for makeup artists


Do you know what’s a big hit on the Internet? DIYs. People just love watching and reading about DIYs. So, if you have any knowledge about such then you can write about it in your blogs. You can write about DIY makeup or you can write about DIY fixes for makeup fails. The key is to be creative.

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Written By - Ramnish on 07 Nov, 2019