9 Ultimate And Effective Birthday Photography Tips | Spyne

9 Simple And Effective Birthday Photography Tips | Spyne

Birthday Photography, birthday photo shoot

Birthday Photography

These events are most anticipated when parents celebrate the first birthday of their child. And we here at Spyne understand how special and crucial such an event can be. There is nothing more precious to a parent other than their newborn child and they do everything to make that day special. Hence, this is where Birthday Photography comes in. Parents get Birthday Photography for their child so that they can relive those moments whenever they want in the future and cherish the memories for life.

birthday photography, birthday photo shoot

And if you are looking for inspiration and ideas to make your Birthday Photography extra special, we here at Spyne have got your back. Here are some tips you can follow to get the Best Birthday Photoshoot: 

1. Take Charge of the Decoration -

Without a fancy and festive environment, the party might look a little plain in the pictures. So to prevent that, we suggest you go all out on balloon arches, colourful ribbons and other props. These will create some great backdrops for the Birthday Photos. 

And to take things to a new level, you can also throw a theme party. For instance, as it is a kids birthday, a Disney theme would be perfect, just imagine little Disney Princes and Princesses roaming around. We bet it would be amusing to look at those pictures a few years down the line.

birthday photography

Birthday Photography, birthday photo shoot

Birthday Photography, birthday photo shoot

birthday photography with spyne

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2. Gather Everyone for the Cake Cutting

This is one of the best highlights of the event. Get all the children to be a part of the frame when your child is about to cut the cake. And not just the children, once the cake cutting is done, get each and every guest to the table to get their picture with the birthday boy/girl. 

We suggest this because the table is the best spot for clicking pictures. The decoration in the background and also the cake in the foreground gives a good overall appearance to the photo.

birthday party photography, happy birthday photography

Birthday Photography, birthday photo shoot

Birthday Photography, birthday photo shoot

3. Take a lot of Photos!

No matter if it's you or someone else is taking care of the photography for you, there should be many pictures of the event. This is because there is a lot that happens at parties like this and if you want each and every one of those special moments to be captured, you need to click a lot of photos.

birthday party photography, happy birthday photography

birthday party photography, happy birthday photography

Birthday Photography, birthday photo shoot


4. Don't forget about party games

You can see the joy on children's faces as they play those fun party games. This is one of the most precious moments that need to be captured in the camera. At a birthday party, there is nothing better than seeing children laughing their heart out and running around carelessly.

birthday party photography, baby birthday photoshoot

birthday party photography, baby birthday photoshoot


5. Get pictures of the baby alone with the cake

This is another picture that looks amazing and can never be overused. For this, make your child sit on the floor and place the cake in front of them. And it's always fun to watch what will happen next. Most of the time, babies can't resist making a mess of the cake and it just looks so fun in the pictures. 

cake smash photos , cake smash photography

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6. Get those Dancing Shots

The thing that children love other than party games is dancing. All you need to do is play their favourite track and be ready with the camera. You will certainly get some adorable pictures. These are some of the moments that can make you smile even years.

birthday party photo, birthday photo shoot

1st birthday photoshoot


7. Always be Ready With the Camera

At parties like these, you never know what can happen next and children are all about those candid reactions. So to capture some priceless moments like a child receiving a gift with joy in his/her eyes, you always have to keep your camera ready.

pre birthday shoot

8. Never Skip the Family Birthday Photos

This is the picture where your whole family shares a frame. Usually, this is the most valued photo of the event as some of the most important people are there in the picture. Hence you always need to get separate family photos at such events. These pictures will always bring back good memories.

pre birthday shoot, happy birthday photography

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9. Hire a Professional Photographer

Most of the time, people make the mistake of hiring a friend only because they own a DSLR or doing all the photography by themselves. These are not great ideas keeping in mind how important Birthdays are.  

And there is more than one reason for you to hire a professional like: 

- A professional photographer will be great at the job and click photos that you would cherish forever.

- You as a family member are going to be very busy to take care of anything regarding Birthday Photography, so you need a helping hand.

- A Professional Photographer is aware when he/she has to keep their camera ready. There are several things happening at a party simultaneously and still, a photographer manages to capture all the special moments.

- Hiring a Professional Photographer can get you some amazing candid photos as the photographer even after being a part of the event blends into the crowd and takes candid pictures of some valuable moments.

birthday party photography

birthday photography

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So, if you are amid organising a birthday party, then you are in the right place. Spyne and get you the photographer that you desire for your birthday photography.


Why Choose Spyne Studio?

We here at Spyne are on a mission to fulfil any visual content requirements that you might have. Hence if you are someone who is planning a birthday or an anniversary, and need a photographer to cover the event, then we are the people to call.

Spyne can get you the best Photography and Videography. We believe in providing our clients with only the best quality pictures. All the Photographers and Photo Editors associated with us make sure the photos that reach you are amazing. Even after giving the best quality results to our clients we only charge a nominal amount for all our shoots. And this is the reason our shoots start at very minimal prices.

We have also built an easy to use dashboard that will let you download all your Birthday Photography with just a click. And not just that, with our dashboard you can also book a shoot with us in no time

We here at Spyne have experienced photographers who can charm up your birthday photography with their ideas and inspirations. We also believe in consistency due to which we have a record of 99% on-time deliveries

Also, getting your Birthday Photography with Spyne is a cakewalk. All you need to do us: 

1. Book you shoot

2. Connects to a Photographer from Spyne

3. Shoot Execution

4. Our In House Editors Retouch your Pictures

5. Download all your photos with the click of a button

And if you are looking to get a Birthday Photoshoot, then we here at Spyne can certainly help you with that.

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 13 Apr, 2020