The 6 Best Photoshoot Locations in New York

If you are looking for photoshoot locations in New York then you have come to the right place. This guide will tell you about the most amazing photography locations where take your camera with you and capture the dreamiest photographs for your Instagram grid.


1. Central Park


One of the best places to capture good photos is Central Park. The place runs through Manhattan Island and takes a long time to walk along its entire length. So, while walking through the park, you can witness many “subjects” that can be captured through your lens. It is also one of the most popular photography locations among photographers.


2. Times Square


While talking about beautiful photography locations in New York, one can never not mention the iconic Times Square. Popular amongst tourists, Times Square is filled with energy 24 hours. Even though the place might look crowded during the day, but as the sun falls and night sneaks up, the lights of Times Square become more prominent. Believe it or not, Times Square is one of the best
photography locations you can go for.


3. Grand Central Station


Another great place where you can take your camera with you is the Grand Central Station. The place, which might come across as chaotic at first, actually has an order of its own. The chaos isn’t the only thing picturesque about that place. What’s even more interesting is the architecture of the place. Grand Central Station is as breath-taking as it can get. So, next time you visit there, take
your camera along with you.


4. Brooklyn Bridge


One of the go-to places for photographers in New York is the Brooklyn Bridge. Taking a stroll from Brooklyn to Manhattan will give you enough opportunities to click great pictures for building your portfolio. After doing extensive research, we got to know that the Brooklyn Bridge Park is also among the best photoshoot locations in New York. From the park, one can witness an amazing water view from Downtown and a wide view of the bridge itself. The place also offers a beautiful sunset view that can be captured through the lens.


5. Chelsea Market



Those who enjoy street photography and food photography, Chelsea Market is the right place for you. Among top photography locations, Chelsea Market is located at the west side of Manhattan. There’s a whole market you’ll find filled with food, architecture and crowd.

6. Empire State Building


For years, the Empire State Building has captured the interest of tourists from around the world. It is among the top photoshoot locations in New York. You can take some really beautiful shots of this building from the street or you can get creative according to your own convenience.


Apart from these places, there are many other photography locations that you can go for in New York such as The Flat Iron Building, The Highline, Chinatown, Strawberry Fields, etc. It is true that New York is the land of opportunities. One can find almost anything and if you are a photographer, maybe even more. So, if you are looking for some good photoshoot locations in New York, then you
can go to the places mentioned above and get creative with your camera.


Written By - Ramnish on 10 Jul, 2019
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