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The Best Photography Books That You Must Read To Become A Successful Photographer!

That's the thing about books, they make you learn even when you don't intend to.

We know how the internet today is an open book store for those who wanna learn anytime and anywhere. But, still learning can be solid when it's done in traditional ways. Photography may be perceived as a technological profession, but it is a lot more than just playing with the camera.

Photography is an expression of moments captured at perfect timings so that moment lived forever in the form of a picture.
So, here we are with some amazing photography books that will surely help you to gain perspective and make your photography journey more informative.

must read photography books


1. Langford's Basic Photography - The guide for serious photographers - Micael Langford.

Since photography is termed as a profession that needs you to have good information about the camera and its equipment this book is exactly what you need to know it all. From technical aspects to how you must edit and organize your clicks, it gives you an expert opinion on all of this. For many, this photography book is an A-Z of digital photography.

Langford's Basic Photography - The guide for serious photographers - Micael Langford.


2. Extraordinary Everyday Photography by Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring

What is photography with good angles? Yes, the most common answer would be nothing. Photography is a work of art when a normal picture is taken with an angle that makes it extraordinary. And since we are talking about good angles and making the picture extraordinary, this book exactly offers you all of this with of course an extra dose of inspirations that will help you build imaginative shots like a pro.

Extraordinary Everyday Photography by Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring -Must read photography books by Spyne

3. Photography - The Definitive Visual History

It is always said that the future posses in the hands of those who are well through with the history of their genre. And this is a book that is all about the history from where the art of photography started to where it is now in the digital era.

Photography - The Definitive Visual History Must read photography books by Spyne


4. Understanding Flash Photography by Bryan Peterson

The art of photography also depends on how effectively the photographer uses his flash, and it's a tricky business you all know. So, to understand the correct way to use flash and make the best creative shots with flashes, this book is all you need to master the art. From Speed flash to angular flash use, this book will enlighten you with all sorts of knowledge when it comes to flashes.

Understanding Flash Photography by Bryan Peterson - Must read photography books by Spyne

5. Black and white photography by Henry Horenstein

Henry in his photography days was always a master of black and white artistic pictures. His work spoke more than just moments, they always had depth in them. Getting inspirations from some of the photography moments in his life, this book is all about the best shots that you can take using the artistic leverage of black and white photography. Inspiring every new photographer, we suggest this book a must-read.

Black and white photography books must read

6. Film is not dead by Jonathon Canlas

Photography was not always started with digital pictures being there in the picture. So, what was before these digital modes, the traditional films and camera, yep that's what this book talks about. It's a journey book that takes you to the days of then and excites you to use some of the traditional ways to experiment and innovate with photography.

Must read photography books for beginners


7. On photography by Susan Sontag

Amongst the most influential people in the world of writers, Susan amazed everyone when this book of hers got released because more than a book just on photography it gave an analytical opinion on the word photography and how a photographer must operate to bring out the images that speak for themselves. Read this book to know how pictures are perceived and how they matter a lot in a world full of content.

Photography books for new photographers

8. What they didn't teach you in photo school by Demetrius Fordham

We are sure that you guys are pretty clear about what this book talks about with the title. Yes, it has it all about how many practical thing are just overlooked and not taught in a photography school which you need to know and helps you a lot to be consistent in your business. So, read this photography book to get more information on how to be in the business and bring continuous sales via your photography passion.

must read photography books

9. Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

Now, this is one of those photography books that are especially for wedding photographers. We all know how wedding photography is an innovative type of photography which requires out of the box ideas every time. So, to motivate you to think beyond logic and to give you some tips on how to practically implement those ideas is what this book deals with. 

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Best photography books

10. The Moment it Clicks by Joe McNally 

Once an expert in photography said, that either there's a good picture, either there's a great picture. Joe McNally's The Moment It Clicks talks about a great picture. A book that lets you see what the real world of photography looks like. How a person can evolve and click a great picture than just a good picture. McNally in his life was always a man of advertising, from magazine covers to the fashion world, Joe was everyone's choice when they wanted something magical to happen on the sets. Taking notes, from his own life, McNally wrote this book to pass on the experience he gathered in his career. 

Must read photography books

We hope that you really got good information from this blog. Do read these books, to make your photography journey fruitful. And for more such amazing photography blogs, You can visit our site.

Written By - Tanya Vij on 16 Oct, 2020