15 Adorable Baby Photography Poses & Ideas to Try in 2020

15 Adorable Baby Photography Ideas to Try in 2020!

There is nothing more precious to parents than the early years of their child. Due to which, more and more people are opting for Baby Photography so that even when their child is all grown up, the whole family can look back in time through these pictures and cherish the innocent, bright and happy faces forever.

Baby Photography is a genre that is as challenging as it is rewarding. It shares many similarities with portrait photography while the only difference being that subject here is just a few years old. 

photoshoots for babies , cute baby photoshoot

In Baby Photography, the photographer is solely responsible for the shoot. And this is the reason we mentioned earlier that is among the most challenging genres of photography. Here, you need to conduct the shoot as creatively as possible keeping the baby's comfort and safety your priority.

So if you are a proud parent who is looking for ideas and inspirations for their baby photography, then we here at Spyne have got you covered. The following are 15 ideas that you should definitely try at the time of Baby Photography to make the pictures look even cuter and more adorable:

1. Get Props

Props are a great way to make use of the empty spaces in the background, And that's not it, you can also get equipment like guitars to show that your child is intrigued by music. Props can also help you achieve the look of the child in the life of a grown-up like they do in the Flipkart commercials. Props can further amuse your child, which can, in turn, help you get some joyous looking candid pictures. 


Baby Photography , photoshoots for babies

Baby Photography , photoshoots for babies

2. Colourful Dresses

Dressing your child in colourful clothes is one of the best ways to make your Baby Photography more vibrant and lively. You also have to ensure that the shoes, the dress and the tiara if there is any, look great all together. You also need to carry at least 2-3 different combinations of dresses with you at the time of baby photography because there is always a possibility that your baby can spill something on their clothes. Plus you can always switch among the extra dresses to prevent your Baby Photography from getting monotonous. 

Baby photography tips , little baby photoshoot

Baby photography tips , little baby photoshoot

3. Soap Bubbles

The whole purpose of a baby photoshoot is to celebrate the innocent existence of these little children. So, why not do the things that they love, to capture the very essence of their beauty with the help of the candid moments? Soap Bubbles are perfect to accomplish something like this. Children get so fascinated by them, that they forget about the camera and give out the most natural reaction of delight.

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4. The Cake Smash

The cake smash is another adorable moment that you have to capture in your baby photography. Parents usually get this at their child's first or second birthday. For this, all you need to do is leave a delicious-looking birthday cake in front of your child and watch it all unfold. The series of events that follow this are amusing as they are messy. And as there is no planning involved, there is a very minimalistic chance of going wrong with this. Hence you should definitely try this one.

Baby birthday photoshoot, cake smash

Baby birthday photoshoot, cake smash

5. Festive Much?

You should choose a theme that can make your baby photography even more appealing. Here the theme we loved is Christmas, but you can go for a theme that describes your child. Halloween is another great theme that you can try. You can manipulate lighting, props, dresses and also the background to suit the theme perfectly.


6. ToddlerChef India 

As we said before, it is just heartwarming to see kids performing grown-up chores. A great example of this is Cooking. For this, all you need to do is hand them out some spoons, bowls and spatulas so that they can take care of the rest with their perpetual curiosity. These pictures come out to be so cute that they redefine the phase "Kiss The Cook".

Baby photography tips , little baby photoshoot

7. The Mermaid 

These Baby Photoshoot are mainly about innovation and creativity. And you have to do everything to see it through. We already spoke about colourful dresses, now how about thinking out of the box? The mermaid costume is a perfect example of something that can help you make your Baby Photography even more sweet and enchanting. If paired with all the right elements, like lighting and the background, this costume has all the potential to "wow" the viewers. 

Baby photography tips , little baby photoshoot

8. They See Me Rollin'

Children love their toy cars, and sometimes they are the happiest around them. So why not use that to take some amazing looking pictures of your little rockstar? Maybe also hand out some shades to your child to make the shoot look even more lovable.

unique Baby photoshoot , baby photos

9. The One Outdoors

Most of the time, Baby Photoshoot are done indoors. But why not use the creative freedom that comes with photography. You can choose gardens, parks and any pleasing location as long as it is comfortable and safe for the baby. The greenery and the natural sunlight breath life into the pictures and makes them more pleasant to look at. 

baby photography , baby images

baby photography , baby images

10. The Super Hero Theme

It's not only us adults who idolize superheroes. So, why not do a superhero-themed photoshoot that your child can see and smile when he/she is grown up? This is one of the best ways to make memories that last so that we can cherish them forever. Hence, you should definitely go for superhero-themed baby photography.

Baby Photography , photoshoots for babies


11. The One With Dad

Before the children start identifying to a Marvel or DC Superhero, their fathers are always their first heroes. And this idea is the best way you can celebrate the bond that the child and the father shares. These pictures are always heartwarming because they are as natural as they can get.

baby photographer shoot , baby picture

baby photographer shoot , baby picture

12. How Can We Forget Mom?

We, of course, you have to give equal importance to the mother and child portraits as the bond they share is no less. You also don't need much planning for this as the mother can always find a way to make her child smile. With this, you can get some really moving mother-child portraits shots.

baby photographer shoot, baby photography

baby photographer shoot, baby photography

13. And Then There Were Three

All of you coming together, as a family is the best way to make this baby photography even more special and memorable. These are the moments that are most loved and cherished throughout the years by a family. No matter how much time changes down the line, you can just look at these pictures to relive all these priceless memories. Hence we strongly recommend that the three of you share a frame and make some everlasting candid memories. 

baby photographer shoot, baby photography

baby photographer shoot, baby photography

14. The Cute Little White Gown

To be honest, kids look adorable in anything and everything that they wear. But to take your baby photography to the next step, you should definitely dress your daughter up in a nice little white gown. The white gown not only looks charming it also "awes" all the other people who take a look at the baby Photography. Hence, if you have the chance, you really dress up your daughter in something as majestic and elegant as a white gown.

photoshoots for babies


photoshoots for babies

15. Go Macro

An important aspect of this shoot is to be creative. The photographer should always use a macro lens so that he/she can capture such images. You can use these images as a teaser before you actually unveil your full Baby Photography Album to your friends and family. 

photoshoot for babies

baby photographer shoot

Hence these were 15 ideas that you should definitely try at the time of your Baby Photography in 2020. But to get your desired photo shoot, you need a great baby photographer because, as we said earlier, this whole shoot is dependent upon the photographer.

And if you are looking for a skilled Baby Photographer, then your search has come to an end. We here at Spyne can connect you with some of the best Baby Photographers in the business.

Why Choose Spyne Studio for Baby Photography?

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How can Spyne get you better Baby Photography than any other Photography Service Providers?

We here at Spyne believe in giving all our clients the best and most convenient photography experience with us. And if you choose Spyne for your Baby Photography, then you will come across the following expediencies :

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How to Book your Baby Photography with Spyne?

Booking your Baby Boy Photoshoot with us is a cakewalk. And to assure you here is the 5 step process you go through to get your desired Baby Photoshoot:

1. Order Your Shoot

2. Spyne Connects You To Your Photographer

3. Shoot Execution

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5. Seamless Delivery

 And if you are looking to get a Baby Photography, then we here at Spyne can certainly help you with that. 

And if you are someone who is looking for some more ideas and inspirations, then given below are some of the most adorable baby pictures you should check out.

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Written By - Ranvijay Singh on 15 Apr, 2020