Are your photos getting required attention - New photo-video sharing tool

Are your photos getting required attention - New photo-video sharing tool

We all know that photography industry is a really un-organized industry in itself. From bookings and to final album delivery photographers really can't get control over everything because it's distributed in a very unstructured way. That's why it is really important to change the way of operations in a photography studio to get more attention and have the sterling wheel in your hands. Know-how - 

The main loophole - Photographers are still using traditional ways of sharing photos and videos. 

Your photography can be a classic piece of art but what's the use if it's not reaching your client and their network in a fast way. That's where SpyneShare steps in for your rescue. With Spyneshare you can

1. Have full access to who is watching your content unlike any other sharing tools such as Google Drive and Wetransfer. 

2. A client can easily share your albums in their network, as your digital album is easy-to-share and is password protected. This will encourage their network to book you for their special moments as you are just one click away. 

Wanna know how Spyne share is better than Google Drive? Know here...

3. Your clients and their network can get access to your digital galleries on their phones as well, hence creating a much strong user-experience and encouraging them to remember your brand for quality in shooting as well as delivery of photos and videos. 

4. Share both photos and videos with one platform Spyne - Your very own photo-video sharing tool. 

5. The only sharing tool that increases reference leads digitally just by sharing photos. 

This is how technology is making the lives of many photographers easy and letting them think more creatively as now they don't have to worry about their dis-functional operation system. 

Join the leaders of photography with Spyneshare.

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Written By - Tanya Vij on 26 Jun, 2020