All About Architecture photography

All About Architecture photography

Architecture photography comes a long way in the world of photography. It is said that the 1st picture ever taken, was also a part of architecture photography. This genre of photoraphy includes clicking images of the beautiful buildings and its elements to portray the true beauty of an architecture formation. 

Architecture photography

Architects all around the world, say that the beauty of a building lies in the eyes of the viewer, and architecture photography helps viewers to see the beauty. And in this modern world, where pictures are consumed like anuyhting, we need good imagery to talk about the significance of architecture. Not only, this pictures in today's scenaio play a more than important role than earlier, as today physical spatial experiences are almost non existent, so we need pictures to value the beauty of architecture building. 

Architecture photography



8 Tips to keep in Mind while doing Architecture photography


1. Symmetry is the key

Aarchitecture designs majorly involves, two halves that look like each other and are places in the right and the left of the center piece that is the center of attraction. Building with such designs must be captured keeping in mind, the symmetrical pattern and the designing. So, whenever you see a symmetry in the architecture design focus on the center and then do your photography. 


Architecture photography


2. Rule of Thirds

We all know how architectural building can be full of lines and patterns, and capturing it with just one angle in mind, can really jeopradise the beauty of it. So, that's why this traditional rule of photography is best for this kind of genre. Rule of thirds says that you need to divide your overall picture in mind into three parts and then capture it. In this way, the patterns and the overall designs is captured with utmost accuracy.

If you want to know more about rule of thirds, then tune into our recent blog. 

Architecture photography

3. Capture the pattern 

Our eye is most attracted when it sees something unsual and in architecture photography, it's a


4. Focus on the depth

5. Watch out for textures 

6. Space out to make the picture aesthetic 

7. Keep a track on frames 

8. Linear Concerntration 

Written By - Tanya Vij on 29 Oct, 2020