Tips on How to sell Products on Instagram and increase sales!

Tips on How to sell Products on Instagram and increase sales!

Instagram, a world full of ideas, inspirations, and products. Since it's introduction in our lives, we have always seen it as an inspirational platform that gives us much more than just pictures. It opens up a whole new dynamics of products, ideas, and a fancy way of doing everything and anything. Through this passage of years where Instagram has totally taken our boring times of days, it has also given new products to us. And on the other hand, it has surely opened a lot more opportunities for businesses to not only sell on Instagram but show the world why their products are worth buying and what is their creative side looks like. 



In September 2017, Instagram announced that its business community had grown to 2 million advertisers, just six months after reaching 1 million earlier that year in March. So, if you are not really selling on Instagram or don,t know how to sell products on Instagram, your brand is existing in the stone age. But now you need to worry for a minute more, as we are here with some really important tips for how to sell products on Instagram that can help increase sales.

Tip no. 1 - Optimize your Instagram Business Profile.

Your brand needs the recognition of a brand firstly, that's why tune your Instagram profile to business profile. This will give your page a lot of new features, like turning your profile into a Business profile will let you analyze your profile's working and growth. It will become a new homepage for your customers and viewers where they can see your company announcements, your products and services, and a lot more to sell on Instagram. It will also allow you to be socially present on Google, as it happens more often when brands are searched on Google and their social media profiles popped in and people check you out there. 

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Tip no. 2 - Make your profile visually appealing. 

If You wish to Sell on Instagram,Your Instagram profile needs your attention and your creative wings to lift it up and lets it stand out from the crowd. Here are some points that can really help you in presenting your brand in a professional way. 

- Profile picture - Choose a picture that truly defines your brand, most probably your logo. 

- Well-thought bio - Bio is something that people notice and read carefully so create a clear bio that briefly describes your brand and speaks to your audience in a persuasive way. 

- Add Link - This is the most important step as if you'll not add a link to your page, then the people will be stuck on your page only, by adding a link you can actually move your Instagram traffic to your website or selling portal.

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Tip no. 3 - Use Instagram Ads to directly reach your audience. 

Your Instagram page for sale is your customer's gateway to your products and services, and after making your profile visually aesthetic and appealing, you must surely start running ads for your profile. It will be a great way to add new followers on your profile, aware more and more people about your brand and make your brand a Insta brand. Instagram ads are of two types, Insta Story ads or Insta post ads. Choose between the two according to your product. In the starting run ads on smaller amounts and see their responses, and after you have analyzed their performances then only go for bigger amounts.  


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Tip no. 4 - Use Instagram stories to present details and do more live sessions

Now, we don't need to define the importance of Instagram Stories. From the minor details to major announcements and branding stuff, today everything is presented via stories. That's why rather than getting into details you can Know more about the Importance of Instagram stories for brands on our blog. 

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Live sessions are another very interesting feature of Instagram that directly notifies your customer that a brand that you are following is live. Through this you can interact with a lot more people, people can ask questions to you and can even see the people behind the brand which is also a plus point. It makes your brand more trustworthy. 

Tip no. 5 - Sell your products and services on Instagram by engaging people through your Instagram feed. 

Instagram feed is surely the most interactive way to engage your audience, it not only helps you to list down various products but also helps you to engage your audience in the most creative way. Making your Instagram feed aesthetic and attractive needs a lot of inputs from your creative sides. Think about your brand, how you want to present it and how can you make your products stand out from the rest. 

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Conclusion -

Instagram is the most growing medium to sell your products and services to your direct customer. Insta Ads are easy but in the initial stage, try on with smaller budgets. Your Instagram profile should look appealing, so make it product-centric and attractive. You can sell your products through stories as well because they help you give a detailed view of the products. Another most important thing that you must keep in mind is going live regularly as it helps you bring the audience to your page. Use your creative hats for Instagram and you will surely be able to sell your idea perfectly. 

Written By - Tanya Vij on 02 May, 2020