Marketing - Offline is Useful while Online is Important!

Marketing - Offline is Useful while Online is Important!

Advertisement, Direct or Social Media Marketing; Each one is marketing but the point that makes them different are their own perks of usage.’


There is absolutely no denying the fact that gone are the days of ‘JUST’ direct maketing to fetch leads. Today, we have arrived in world where everything is digital. People are connected in a web of mails, tweets and followers. Therefore, there is literally no point to wonder why most businesses have started switching their marketing activities to online rather than just sticking to offline marketing. Because from finding your soulmates online, to connecting with big names or even buying your dream homes, when the 'World is Here at Online, where else you should be!'
But the whole question here is, “Is it just enough to increase your followers and not consider your offline market? Or to just focus on offline marketing, while keeping online presence secondary? Is there a line or priority?”
And the simple answer is a ‘A BALANCE’. Offline relationships are worth a business owner’s time and ENERGY, But it is also necessary to build an effective online presence. Because no matter how much world apart these two aspects are, each one of them are complementary to each other and have their own individual benefits!

Let's walk you though each one of them:-


Perks of Online Marketing or Presence?


Online marketing will be the ultimate medium to not only promote your brand but to showcase your goodwill. Because the first time you hear a company name, the foremost work goes in finding the person's profile on all online mediums! That is how it works, isn't?
The foremost thing to consider about online is that it reaches innumerable people at once. One post on Instagram and you get hundreds of followers. One blog post and you get comments from all around the world. One product online and anyone from anywhere can reach out to it. Thus the reach is vast and great medium to spread the word!
Instant Popularity-
There are many Instagram-handles that created a buzz by just building a strong profile and constantly posting unique and offbeat content. So, Stay patient and you never know, when your page hits another million or two in an day or so!
Simple and Economical-
Social media, Email or digital marketing has proved to be the most affordable solution to build an online presence. It is way too simple and could be handled by one person and that too in the convenience of working in a office.
Online marketing hardly takes time. You can save a lot of time when you use online marketing to promote your brand or business. All the efforts goes in Blogging, social media posts and other forms of digital marketing. It is too ubiquitous and could be done anytime, and from anywhere.

Perks of Offline Marketing or Presence?

No matter how much active you are online or how good your profile is, Offline marketing has its own set of benefits to consider. Which is why it becomes important to combine the two to fetch great results?
Enhances credibility-
It is always important to step on the field to enhance your credibility. Despite your strong online presence, people continue to be wary of businesses who just have online presence. It will always be important to reach out to establish trust, based on reliable and credible relationships.
Personal and Instant Response-
Offline marketing has a more personal effect that you simply don’t get with online. Even something as simple as body language could prove to be more effective than just sending an email with your details on. And many people would not response or agree to your offer, but may find it impressive and convincing in a personal aspect.
Trigger online-
Online presence might take time (unless, you're with something totally 'out of the world'). You can get your customers or acquaintances to check out your blog, to like or follow you, or to share it further to their friends. Word of mouth can never go in vain and would be an instant booster to your online platforms!

Then, What is the best thing to do?



Each of these methods have their own benefits to reap; If one is personal, other has mass-reach, if one is instant, other has long-run benefit. Thus, it will be fruitful to combine online and offline marketing to gain maximum reach and credibility in the long run! In this way, you will not only enhance your goodwill and credibility by offline marketing, but mass-reach, good number of followers and top ranking amidst the top pages on google; will just create a good first impression. and as they, say, 'First impression, is the last impression.' 
Think about it: Do you ever go a movie without considering the ratings on IMBD. Or to consider an employee without going through his online profile. That is how it works. Isn't it? So, Stay online but don't loose the field! 


Written By - Muskan Dhingra on 28 Feb, 2019