8 Amazing Photography Website Templates For Better Branding

7+ Amazing Photography Website Templates That Creates A Brand Image

A website today is an online shop that gets you customers and increases your business. The more impressive your website is the more you would be able to cash its value. So, whether you are a budding photographer or an experienced photographer, you need a website to make your place in the digital world and get more valuable and worthy business. 

Having just a simple looking website is also not enough, your website should speak about your brand, it should portray your style, and should be able to position your business as a brand in the minds of netizens. Why is that when almost everyone is online, but only a handful of them are popular?

The answer to this question is framing your website according to your audience base. Creating a website is easy, considering the fact that today every second person is tech-savvy but creating a website that talks to your target audience in their language are difficult. It is a proven fact that whenever we see something, our mind finds something interesting and relatable in the whole context, that's how engagement and bookings are driven. So, a website should be such that shows your target audience what they want to see not traditional things. This is why Spyne websites are different from the others as we show people what they want to see and in a very attractive way. 


Let's take a look at some amazing photography website templates that you must try it out for a better-looking website. 


1. Kedarnath Theme Name 

This theme is for those premium photographers who want their clicks to be showed in the most creative way. The sense of styling and the sense of space between the elements enables you to make your website clutter-free. It's the minimalism factor that makes this template different from other photography website templates. 

 Photography website templates


2. Zinc Template 

We all know photography is such a glamorous profession and when we talk about weddings, it's all about the beautiful brides and trendy elements. Zinc Template of Spyne, matches perfectly, with this type of category. This photography website template focuses on showcasing pictures in the spotlight, which is the need of the hour since people want to see the work more and more to make their decision. With Instagram integration, this website template makes it more engaging and shows the brand's presence on multiple platforms. The best part about this photography website template is, it has a WhatsApp chatbot feature that motivates more customers to inquire about the services. 


Photography website template


3. Chlorine - Photography Website Template 

This theme focuses on presenting the pictures in big frames. It enables the photographer to show their best work in the most creative way. It's like an offline gallery of pictures that gives the viewer a look at the best of the pictures in the store. 

Wedding photography website


4. Theme - Phosphorus 

Creativity is best used when it is portrayed perfectly. And that's what our website stands for. We are determined to showcase the creative heads of our photographers in the most amazing way. The next theme in our photography website templates list is Phosphorus. This theme is a family house package in itself. From customer reviews to classy shots to about the vision, every element is placed on the homescreen hence making the customer satisfied as he is getting everything on one page. This website has also a unique feature, wherein customers can actually see how many people they have served and which all cities are operational for work for this photographer. It combines a package that provides it all.

Wedding photography website templates


5.  Aravali Theme 

Now, without a doubt, this is one of the chose themes under photography website templates, as it gives a holistic view of pictures and the kind of services offered. So, if a photographer is a master in more than one genre, then this website template is for him. 

Photography website templates

Photography website templates

Photography website templates


6. Twenty-Five - Varun Bhasin Photography website 

Our photographer Varun Bhasin is famous for capturing real-life moments into pictures that can be cherished for a lifetime. So, he wanted a website that can perfectly showcase all his classic shots in the most aesthetic way. And we are glad that we have created Twenty Five theme for wedding photographers who love showcasing their work perfectly. 

Photography website templates


7. Helium - One of the most classic themes from photography website templates

Coolbluez Photography company of Delhi is another amazing wedding photographer of India, who is known for setting up new wedding trends. They wanted their website to capture their client's attention with striking pictures and creative fonts. Focusing on presenting the social presence and inducing the customers to book their services instantly. 

Photography website templates


Photography website templates


8. Padma Theme 

With minimal design layout, this designer website template shows the best in-store amazingly. We have two popular wedding vendors in this theme under SpyneWeb websites. Take a look at the homepages of these photographers to know more. 

Photography website templates

Photography website templates


We hope that these photography website templates really gave you a lot of ideas on which template would be best for your photography brand.

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Written By - Tanya Vij on 22 Oct, 2020