5 Steps That Can Make Your Spyne Dashboard Experience Seamless!!

5 Steps That Can Make Your Spyne Dashboard Experience Seamless!!

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"Evolving and learning new things daily is what makes a company better every day. "


Hey, Spyne Readers

So, as you all know that Spyne is an AI-driven startup who helps photographers and businesses to generate, maintain, and deliver creative content easily. We as a company believe in learning new things through feedback every day. Recently, when our customer care people called our new onboarded photographers for asking for their experience with our platform, we got to know some issues that were concerning our users. So, we thought Why not, write it down and make some pointers that will definitely make the user experience on our platform easy and fast. Here it goes!


Here are the 5 Steps, you can do to practice easy steaming through Spyne dashboard and make the most out of our platform. 


1. Check your dashboard daily for 10 minutes

Every medium needs time to get into your habit list. Just like your Insta/Fb, your photo-sharing medium too needs your attention daily. So, we really recommend all our photographers to spend at least 10 minutes on your platform daily. explore new things upload and download files and understand it better. This will only help you to become handy with the software. 


2. Start sharing your projects and create new events

We know how photographer's tasks can be never-ending that's why we really want you to explore the platform in these quarantine days as what's better than becoming pro with your photo-sharing and reference generation tool in your idle time. This will not only make your future content sharing mechanism fast but will also open up new opportunities as you can connect with your existing customers. Send them their best shots and make them feel important by sending it with a nice note. This will just help you to make bonds with your clients which is always a beneficiary thing. So, connect with your clients, send them selected pictures through Spyne, and encourage them to share it further. As the more you share, the more your open up the possibilities of getting new clients. 


3. Get more referral leads

After you share more albums, you not only generate good customer relations as they are getting their high-quality images on their phones. But you are also bringing in a lot of new opportunities for reference clients. The more the couples share the pictures, the more people see your work and book you for their special moments. As simple as a piece of cake, as these clients are high potential clients who have seen your work and are coming directly to you. With this, you will be able to create a pipeline of clients whom you can meet just after these quarantine days are over. 


4. Don’t dump, create impressive galleries

Many times, we have seen photographers just dumping all the raw data to the Spyne dashboard resulting in filling up the space of your portal. So, rather than dumping all the raw data, try to do the first and second screening of the data and then upload it on the dashboard. This will help you to filter the good images from the lot and you can even upload those on social media platforms. Filtering will help you to save your dashboard space and also will be helpful as the look and feel of your digital galleries will be maintained. 


5. Connect with your leads the same day they come to fill in

The faster you connect with your leads, the more they’ll think that you are really professional and care about them. Good customer relations are nurtured with timely response and polite vocabulary. So, all the leads that come to your Spyne dashboard, do try to connect with them on the same day or within 48 hours.  

With all these pointers in place, we are sure that you’ll be able to generate more business and manage your content in an effortless way. Still, if you get stuck somewhere, then do call us on +91-8644 8644 62 or write to us on photographer@spyne.ai

Written By - Tanya Vij on 24 Apr, 2020