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Use These 20 Free places To Promotion Your Website Online

After launching a website, it is really important to promote. Content promotion is important as it increases the audience on your website. In this online world, you have to be too fast to keep up the expectations for your customers and enhance your company day by day.

After you have finished your website, the next step is where promotion comes in! As we all know to make a site visible all over the world we need to promote it. But the question arises, where we can promote our websites? What are the strategies behind it? What will be the best step for our company to grow and reach out to as many people as we can?  The promotion has its know value, to be successful in business you have to promote your product through marketing. Marketing strategy is equally important to the business to be on top. Here are a few places online where you can submit your content, and promote it easily for FREE!

Uses of Bookmarking Site

website promotion online

Drives free traffic: This technique makes your content reachable to a larger amount of audiences. When people visit your website that means they are really interested in your topics and the way you present things. The content should be appropriate so that it gives a way of sharing.

Increases the Popularity of the Content: Due to this medium, your content's popularity increases. It benefits your website as well as the blog section. If your content is keyword rich then your content will automatically appear on the search engines.

Generate Backlinks: The most important element of a website is generating backlinks. With the help of social bookmarking sites, you can generate backlinks for your website easily. This will improve your ranking on the search engines.


Social Bookmarking Site

1. Scoop It

website promotion online

Scoop it publishes worldwide blog contents in written form as well as video form. The steps are so easy that you will not found any problem in working on this website. is a content marketing website which helps you in curating content and spreading it across the globe. It is a San Francisco, California based software company. From then it providing content curation and marketing service.

The amazing thing is that you can freely market your content and the steps are so easy and flexible. There are paid packages as well but there is a free option as well in which you can easily make your account and start marketing your product by blogging.

2. Stumble Upon

website promotion online

It is another platform of content curation, and it also works like You can easily take access to it for Free! Stumble upon got changed and later the name was ‘MIX’. This platform helps in curating videos and content. It was founded in 2001 and after that when it shut down, it discovered a new platform on 30th June 2018 and that was ‘Mix’. You can easily advertise your product on this particular website. It has many options for social media platforms so that you don’t need to go and search around the web. You can directly switch to the platform from this site. This website gives different options to curate content and marketing.

3. Digg

website promotion online

Digg is another website which helps in content marketing as well as curating the content curation. A social bookmarking site aiming to give viewers different interests and stuff to see or read of their choices. It’s a content generator, that picks up selective content and publishes to its readers. It gives the most filtered and good content to read.

You can curate content through your android as well because Digg has launched the app also to make it easy for people to access it and show their content across the world. The steps are easy but you have to have the patience to publish the article.  You have to wait for a couple of days as they check the published content and then they pass the verdict.

4. Delicious

5. Product Hunt

6. Juxtapost

Like these three there are many social bookmarking sites where you can easily submit the link and curate your content. The social bookmarking site really helps in curating the content and advertising your brand. With the SEO power, your content will be detected by Google and it will be displayed on top of the list automatically. Apart from these bookmarking site, there are online directories where you can register your business. Online directories are the place where a large amount of audience is associated. Let’s know about a few online directories.

Online Directories 

7. Google My Business

Website promotion online

This platform of Google lists your business but it has some steps so that your business becomes verified and secure. It gives many businesses a real way to list their brand and then you can easily promote it on Google and social media platforms. After verifying and registering your business, you can easily use the features from your business account. It gives you features from which you can easily upload pictures and videos. Google really helps in listing and in an amazing way of creating your business.

8. Insider Pages

Free places for website promotion online

Insider pages are another platform which serves as online directories and gives your business a kickstart. It is a local search listing page where you can easily list your product as well as business.  Just like Google this also serves to business and helps them to reach a wider audience.

9. Yellow Pages

20 Free places for website promotion online

This is another online directory, you can also say like a telephone directory where you can find any business in the world. It provides a number of services starting from the listing, local search, advertising, and marketing. It gives all the benefits to the people so they don’t find difficulty in finding any business or its valuable assets i.e products.

10. Bing Places

11. Submit Express

12. Super Pages

13. Entire Web

These were the few directories where you can promote your business and list it so that people can find you easily. Apart from social bookmarking & online directories, there is one more place where you can promote your website and content. The next platform for the promotion of your content is Social media.

Social Media Platform

14. Facebook

20 Free places for website promotion online

It is the biggest social media platform which can be easily used to promote your stuff. It is so easy and flexible, you can stay connected and get in touch with your customers as well. For the content curation Facebook plays a very important role. You can write and publish any content but take care that it is free from violence. The google will automatically detect your content that your content is published in different mediums and will help in rating on the top. You can easily invite people to like your page and share your content.

15. LinkedIn

20 Free places for website promotion online

LinkedIn is another social media platform but its kind of different from Facebook. As it is only a professional site. You can publish the content easily but the content should be knowledgeable, informative and great. You have to keep in mind that it is a professional website. People here search for jobs and read aspirational and informative content.


20 Free places for website promotion online

It is another social media platform which is used for content curation. You can publish different types of content. The topic should be relevant and the SEO should be strong. With a strong keyword, your article will detectable easily. You can ask questions and get the answer to it. The site is really famous for its guide related article. The articles which have stepped to step guide and it really makes easy for the readers to understand the product.

17. Pinterest

18. Reddit

19. Buzzfeed Community

20. Twitter

These were the three most important mediums on which you can promote your content. But always keep in mind that your content should be rich in keywords. If the SEO is strong then no one can stop your content to come on top of the Google page.


In the last, maybe you would be afraid of trying the new aspect of this bookmarking process but be confident and go with the flow. Identify the best bookmarking or listing site and give your brand a boost. It will installl new energy and these sites will help you to reach out people easily. If you want to know more or any query or confusion just comment on the comment section and we will surely help you build our brand!

Written By - Shriya Tiwari on 22 Oct, 2018