12 Product Photography Mistakes You Must Avoid During Shoot

12 Mistakes of Photographers That Turns Out To Be Very Expensive For Businesses

According to great marketing experts “Creative visual content is the king that leads a business to its desired destination”.


Now, this is not a new fact that businesses today need offline presence as their right hand and offline can be continued as it was earlier. Gone are those days when businesses used to rely wholly on offline markets for their desired sales. Due to technological advancements and online shopping revolution, it has become really important for businesses to step out from the comforting offline stores and make their products reach new heights with the online listing. 

And since the online listing is the first step to make your products online, there’s a fast need to get creative visual content for your business. As creative visual content not only reflects your brand in the right way but also creates a recall value for your brand. 


Product photography Mistakes

What the facts - While you read this blog millions of people are scrolling to online sites and selecting products that are presented creatively. 


Coming from a photographic background, we can understand how difficult it is to think about a concept, visualize it, and then make it a reality. That’s why we are here with some common product photography mistakes that Freelance photographers make whose price businesses have to pay. 


12 Product photography mistakes that photographers do during shoots that can be avoided for better business pictures- 

1. Don’t limit your product to just one click from one angle 

It is often said that we are able to witness the beauty of anything when we see it well. That’s what exactly happens with product photography as well. If we take just one picture of the product, then we are just limiting our customer’s minds to just one side of the product. On the other hand, if we take pictures from different angles and take multiple shots, we are just expanding the customer’s view to observe the product and be assured of the quality. 


Product photography tips


2. Choosing a background is like understanding the product deeply. 


We know, how it is difficult to give an aura to a product that stands out like the real king but with correct background settings, you can give your product the perfect aura. A background just doesn’t give your product the stands out effect but also gives photography its required deepness that it needs to portray the product in true colors. A dull background can make the product look dead and a sharp background can make the customer view and attention dead. So, it’s really important for you to choose the perfect background. 



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3. Not just angle, give your customers an experience of the product with 360-degree photography 

Now, we all have seen our parents and elders buying any product after scanning the product by rotating it in their hands. That’s exactly how 360-degree photography works. It gives your customers a detailed view of the product that builds confidence and trust in them in purchasing that product. So, it wouldn’t be wrong if we say that 360-degree product photography is now the need of the hour for online sellers. 


Product photography mistakes

Product photography mistakes


4. The Final Touch Before The Finale 

We all know that editing is important for any picture to look good or to attract customers. But recently, what we have started observing in pictures is, photographers are just over-doing the editing part to make it more beautiful but this is not at all right. Editing an image of a product doesn’t mean that you make the picture lose its realistic feel. So, a badly edited image or over-edited image is just like no image taken. 



5. Choose your light carefully to avoid later sales fight. 

The importance of light for a photographer can’t be explained in words because light to a camera is like a soul to a body. With the correct lighting, one can do wonders but with poor lighting knowledge, blunders are too assured. So, the proper use of lighting is really important if you want to highlight the features of a product perfectly. For this, photographers need to understand the different types of lights and their applications. Like for example, Key light is the light that must be kept in the same direction where your camera will be placed. The correct application of light will define your product in the right wave. 



6. Set your tripod with centred bubble to avoid disturbance while shooting

We know that this is really a basic rule but many photographers to date fail to set their tripods on the right bubble space and end up losing balance and a great image. To set the tripod correctly, just pull out the legs of the tripod till your elbow height and then set it while the bubble is in the center. After you do that you are all set to click pictures in a good tone. 


Product photography Mistakes


7. Try simple shots first to avoid too much creative edge. 

Sometimes, trying too hard on yourself makes you lose what you are naturally. Believe in your skills and start by taking simple shots, every shot can’t be perfect. After all, the more you click the more you get to know about the settings in which you are clicking. Every product has its own good side, so observe the product nicely to make that rational decision. 


Product photography Mistakes


8. Managing the exposure 

Light is immense but if you don’t know how to control it then your shots will be a big failure. Before clicking the final shots, try on with some light experiments with the products to check the exposure levels. As low and high both exposures are harmful to the image presentation. 


Product photography tips


9. Don’t do the sin of giving your product, the wrong face.

Every product has its own individual identity, its own appearance, and its own style. That’s why it is important to choose the correct face for your product that modifies its features not overshine the product’s appearance. We know that choosing a model can become a bit tiring so we have some tips regarding that as well. Have a look!

- Choose a model that looks similar to your target audience so that people relate to the model and are motivated to buy the product. 

- Natural look on the face is the key. To avoid people think that your product is artificial, choose a face that looks natural, which looks comfortable with your product. A conscious model will just scare the audience and make them go for a different product.

- A model should be able to feel the product then only the people will also buy the product happily. 


Product photography tips

Product photography tips


10. Try to give your products high-resolution clarity. 

We have seen loads of photographers clicking pictures in poor quality and then businesses finding really hard to upload it on sites as online shopping sites require high-resolution images. So, don’t this product photography mistake which your client will pay afterward. 


Product photography Mistakes

Product photography Mistakes

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11. Aesthetics is your way to the highway!

In this era where every product deserves its unique limelight, don’t over-crowd the picture with props that are not even necessary. Be aesthetic and simple in your product photography and let your product image have its breathing space. As if you will over-crowd the image with extra props then your product’s will lose its worth in the image. 


Product photography studios


12. Stick to research, it helps

Before choosing any of the above-stated points, do a deep dive into how the product’s competitors are in the market and what type of shots they are taking. It will not only help you to know how you should take the shots but also will benefit you on how you shouldn’t take the shots to avoid similarity in content. Analyze how lights are used and shadows are reduced in their images so that you can learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat them. 

All in all, the product photography is like the sky, the further you fly the more you explore. But just don’t do these product photography mistakes as your mistakes can lead to losses that businesses will have to pay. 


Product photography Mistakes


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Written By - Tanya Vij on 30 Mar, 2020