10 Tips for a photography website that books clients

10 Tips for a photography website that books clients

Is your website bringing you new business? 

Ask yourself this question. For a photographer, it is very difficult to find that one fixed way that can provide him a continuous flow of leads of his business. However, the solution of this problem sits right next to him, yes we are talking about creating an appealing website that sells your services and brings in new leads. 

We know that all this sounds unbelievable in the photography world because here all the leads are booked offline. But this is where the whole twist resides. Thanks to COVID-19 and nation-wide lockdown, now people have no choice than searching and booking everything online. The shift of online from offline is also introduced in the Indian wedding photography world. Almost 70% of bookings are now happening online. That is why it has become more than important for you to create a website that books clients. 

We have gathered some really important tips that can make your photography website an epitome of your style of photography and will help you in bringing new leads for your business. Scroll down to know more - 

1. Your website should have an Organised Gallery. 

Let's face it cluttered images placed here and there just makes the viewer reckless and motivates them to leave the current site and switch to another. That is why it is important for you to organize your gallery in a smart way that whenever someone comes to your website, he/she feels peace at heart and is motivated to stick to your website and see more. Place everything in front of their site, make tabs like Haldi captures, Wedding shots, Bride Getting Ready Shots, etc. So, they get everything on a single site and they don't have to look further and book you right away. 


2. Answer all the questions of the viewer. 

It's a normal psychic that a customer comes to a website looking for answers to his/her questions. For example - Does this photographer takes wide-angle shots, Does he or she is good in Lip-dub shots, Is he a candid photographer, or Does he provides customized packages?

Whenever you are making your website, just think from the perspective of a client, like if you were looking for a photographer, what all you'll be looking for and you will then make a website that will be easy for the viewers and will drive bookings for you as well.  



3. Keep your "About Us" section interactive not historical 

We have seen a lot of photographers who keep their "About Us" section, a lot about How they started and what they were before photography, which becomes a little boring for people. As people are coming to your website to know How you will make their special day more memorable with your photography not How photography changed your life. Talk about your unique style of photography, how you are different from others and why should one couple book you. This will help your viewers to frame their decision of asking for a quote from you. 

Photography Website


4. Select a dynamic template that is visually and aesthetically appealing.

Your website is like you speaking to your viewers digitally. So, make your website speak your photography personality. Keep the template simple, moving, and aesthetically appealing. This will make your customer feel nice seeing your website and will also give a professional look to your website. 

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5. Place all your best shots on your website. 

Every photographer has some shots that best speaks for his/her work. The shots that define your style and make your viewers your client. Place all of them on your website because let's face it people are not coming to your website to see average shots. Your website is like your digital portfolio that persuades your viewers to become your client, so make their time and effort worthwhile. 

Photography Website

6. Be easily accessible. 

We have seen a lot of photographers doing this mistake of keeping your "contact us" Page in the last which is hardly visible. Be available for your client, clearly state that our office doors are open for you to come and explore our photography and have a little chat with us and we'll make sure your special day is extra special. Such promising statements make the client believe in your sayings and once you got the trust, you got the booking. 

7. Chatbot Feature is the best to get your viewer's attention. 

Imagine you are surfing to a website that is looking really interesting, the content, the picture placement everything is really attractive and ping you get a chatbot box, saying want to book us then fill in these simple details and get a quote. Trust us, the amount of interest that will start to flow will get doubled. So, get a chatbot feature on your website to get your clients to reach you in an easy way. 

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8. Keep your website content short and simple. 

Your photography website is an online portfolio, not a book a person is coming to read. Keep the content on your page really short and simple to read. Words like a plethora of shots can be kept for your personal use. As anyone can access your website, so don't make them google, just be easy with them and you will surely be able to increase the time spent on your website just like that. 



9. Find your niche and focus on it. 

When a potential client comes to your photography website, their span of attention is very less and in that short span only, you need to convince him/her to explore more. But if you'll load your photography site with a lot of information and a lot of different types of pictures then you will end up confusing him/her. Don't confuse your viewer, make your client see clearly what you are good at. If you are amazing in wedding photography then just portray that on your main screen and that too best shots. You may be good in Food Photography and product photography, just restrict those pictures for "Others Tab". 



10. Add lots of testimonials to your website. 

Praising yourself has never helped anyone in life. Let your clients talk about your style of photography and their experience with you. This will not only validate your work as a photographer but will also encourage your potential client to see How many people have trusted your service and are happy with your work. So, add lots of customer feedbacks into your photography website and let them do wonders. 

Make these changes to your website and you'll surely make your photography website such that books clients. 

Written By - Tanya Vij on 07 Jul, 2020